• Video: Healing Tour

    Pastor Jayme and one of our resident artists, Matt Alford, created this message for the Healing Tour worship series. God wants to heal ALL of you.

  • Video: Mission Jimmy John’s

    With the school year fast approaching, Casa View Christian Church decided to show the teachers of Casa View Elementary how much we appreciate and care about them. Jimmy John’s might not take our calls anymore!

  • Video: School Supply Run

    Casa View Christian Church delivered a car load of school supplies to Casa View Elementary – gathered by the Children’s Closet Mission Team. Not only did many people from the church donate, but the community and local businesses got involved as well.

  • Photo: Back to School Community Walk

    This morning we had the honor of volunteering with Casa View Elementary in the back to school neighborhood walk. We went door to door to connect with the students and their parents. Ms. Clark, the new assistant principle, led our team! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Video: FREE Superhero Summer Camp (pt 2)

    Casa View Christian Church is hosting a month-long superhero-themed Summer Program for the children in the East Dallas area. This event is meant for children ages 5 through the 5th grade. Dinner will be served nightly and is provided free for kids ages 1-18. Each night will have its own concentration: Mondays: Bible Tuesdays: Art…

  • Video: Summer Program

    The event is Monday through Friday from 6 PM to 8:30 PM from July 10 to August 4   To get tickets: Go to our Summer Camp Event Page or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cvcc-summer-camp-superheroes-tickets-35013414064?aff=eac2 Select a date (it doesn’t matter which). Then click register now.

  • Video: Interactive Worship

    During the beginning of worship every week children are provided with instruments and encouraged to make a joyful (and sometimes loud) noise!

  • Take Your Fear With You

    There is little that hinders God’s people more than fear. Getting over your fear isn’t necessary to live your resurrection story.  Picking up your fear and walking forward anyways, with all of your feelings and insecurities is the path of your rise.

  • Video: Congrats Class of 2017

    On May 21, we honored our graduating high school seniors in worship. Congratulations!

  • Video: What a difference a year makes

    In the last year, Casa View Christian Church stood up, transformed and tried to make a difference in the lives of our community outside our church.

  • Video: The Catalysts of Resurrection

    Sometimes (sometimes) situations that feel tragic…seasons of losing and letting go…aren’t really tragedies at all but the catalysts that lead to living your resurrection story.

  • Photo: Community Worship 4/30

    One of the members, Rod Kelly, talks about his ministry to the children of Casa View Elementary School in Dallas, Texas.

  • Video: God is invested in your rise

    When we say, ”Because of what has happened, my life will never bloom again.” God comes along and says, ”Watch me instill new life into you!”

  • Photo: How Cool is Pearl?

    Pearl is a hero! She’s 80+ and engaging in Mission with the community!

  • Video: Earth Day: Kayson, age 4

    One of our wonderful kiddos from the Casa View Christian Academy, Kayson, talks about what he’s learning – vegetables, plants, and where our food comes from! Happy Earth Day!

  • Video: Spring Festival 2017

    Basically the entire church showed up to volunteer for The Spring Festival. As a church on the GO, Connecting with the community outside of the church walls is at heart of our mission! What a fun time spent with our neighbors!

  • Video: Good Friday – It Is Finished

    Jesus died by crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. But his plan wasn’t just to rescue you for eternity, it was to rescue you right here in this moment.

  • Video: Jesus makes you breakfast

  • Photo: Casa View Christian Staff 2017

  • Photo: Sip & Go Ministry