About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family

We are a missional church

Over the last five years we have boldly claimed our identity as a missional church that is meeting important physical and spiritual needs in the community. To say the church is transformed is an understatement. CVCC transformed from an inwardly-focused institutional church to an outwardly-focused, unapologetic missional church on the GO. Every aspect or area of ministry has transformed, from how we do mission with the community to worship on Sunday morning. We’ve even gone through two major building renovations. 

Where we're headed

Not wanting to bask in success and tread in place, we yearn to move and change again in order to be better, broader and more effective in our mission and ministry while learning more about Jesus and our relationship and chosen responsibilities to Him. .

What this means for you

Casa View Christian Church is deeply engaged with the local community. Please see the mission page for more information and to get involved. In addition to the mission initiatives, we encourage and empower participants to use their gifts to love and serve God’s people in their everyday lives