Children's Closet

One of Casa View Christian Church’s largest missions is the Children’s Closet. Out of a passion to meet the needs of children in the local Dallas Casa View community, this meaningful mission was born. It started out small, but it isn’t small anymore! We continue to be amazed at the big things God is doing!

The Children’s Closet focuses on these areas:

  • (NEW) School Supplies for Casa View Elementary
  • (NEW) School Uniforms (Includes Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Socks, Undergarments)
  • (NEW) Coats
  • (NEW) Christmas Presents

Since the beginning, the Children’s Closet has provided thousands of free items to equip kids in the Dallas Casa View community. The new school uniforms and new coats wrap kids in dignity, confidence and warmth. We believe that if a child feels good about himself or herself, he or she is going to do better in school. We intentionally provide NEW items, as opposed to used, to give children an opportunity to feel special in an outfit(s) that is just for them.

In 2022, in partnership with our local schools, we established dedicated Children Closet rooms at Casa View elementary and Charles Gill elementary. This way, both sites no longer to need call us for school uniforms - only when they are low on supplies.

Christmas Season:

In 2020 and 2021, we looked to provide Christmas for over 50 kids. That number grew to 60+ before it was all said and done. Each child received two new outfits, a coat, shoes, socks/underwear, pajamas, books and of course toys.

The best part of the Children’s Closet mission is the collaboration with businesses, organizations and community individuals to make it all possible. Department stores slash their prices to make items more affordable. Businesses drop off boxes of new toys for Christmas presents. People in the Casa View community, who are inspired by the mission, will write checks! Other missional partners will randomly show up with needed items.

If you would like to help:

We have found we can never have enough school uniforms. And sometimes the best time to stock our Christmas supply is in July! You can donate to the Children's Closet by visiting the following link. We thank you for any contributions you can provide. We also accept your time! If you would like to help with the Children's Closet, please contact us for more information.