Dallas Casa View Christian Church Youth member

Casa View Christian Church values children learning, growing and encountering God in the worship space AND also receiving the message of a loving God in a language they can deeply engage in a space designed specifically for them. Children are encouraged to stay in the larger worship space for the first 15 minutes. At the beginning of worship, children are offered “shaker” instruments to play in praise of God. They dance, sing and passionately shake their instruments.

When it is time for children to exit, each child (parents) has the option of going to a dynamic children’s church experience or staying in worship with his or her parents.

There is a nursery always available for children 4 and under. The children in the nursery are also brought into the worship space to experience the first 15 minutes of worship.

Children’s Church

The curriculum we use in our children’s church is Sparkhouse: Spark Classroom. This curriculum uses games, art, and story to tell kids about the Bible. You can learn more here: http://wearesparkhouse.org/kids/spark/classroom/

We make sure all of our kids ministry enviorments are: Biblical, clean, safe and fun.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Casa View Christian Church is action-oriented and community focused. The youth speak into and engage the overall mission of Casa View Christian Church. Volunteers help both children and teens find their gifts and use them in meaningful and life-giving ways. We also helps children and teens connect faith with real life struggles and issues. Youth volunteers with our children’s ministry, sing on the praise team, and engage various mission initiatives. They are also usually the first to volunteer for our numerous community events.

Youth Opportunities Include:

  • Sunday School: 9:00 AM on Sunday Mornings. Youth explore Biblical topics. Some past studies have included: the book of Mark, the 10 commandments, how to live as a Christian in a secular world, guilt, loneliness, and identity.
  • Mission Trip: Each summer the youth travel somewhere and try to make a difference in that community. This is also an opportunity for youth to learn what it means to serve God and live in Christian community with one another. Past trips have focused on: homelessness, hunger, children living in poverty, food scarcity, food deserts, elderly, handicapped, civil rights, and inequality.
  • Area Youth Events: The youth participate in events with other youth from our denomination across the wider Central Texas area. These include Fall Retreat, Midwinter Retreat, and Summer Camping.