Casa View Christian Preschool

Our mission at Casa View Christian Preschool is to provide a God-centered, nurturing educational environment for children, ages three and four, to become actively engaged learners through play, relationships and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Let us help your child get ready for Kindergarten as they encounter God’s love and goodness while learning Spanish.

We can partner together to ensure your child is both academically and spiritually ready for school and life by ensuring learning time is maximized every day! We provide quality full-time, year-round instruction at an affordable price and are willing and able to help you find the resources needed to get your child a solid start in life.  

We are currently open and accepting applications for students.  Since we want to ensure small student-teacher ratios, don’t delay and reserve your spot now!

Please email

Or call: 214-321-1520

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7AM – 6PM